sam claflin can you like stop being so damn perfect

Sam Claflin (And his dog Rosie) - Glamour ‘Man Of The Year 2014’

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jena malone MY GIRL

Jena Malone photographed by Justin Campbell for Just Jared.

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Josh Hutcherson nope you're not allowed to be that perfect fuck you josh or fuck me josh

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jena malone my spirit animal everyone

JustJared Spotlight behind the scenes with Jena Malone

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Josh Hutcherson just take me right now okay
Josh Hutcherson take me
hayffie omfg you guys too perfect okay


They’re two great wits well matched.

 - Elizabeth Banks on Haymitch and Effie

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you know what i need? I NEED

  • The whole Hunger Games trilogy in PEETA MELLARKS’S POV
  • A book with JOHANNA MASON’S history, showing us her life and how she won the games
  • A book about FINNICK ODAIR’S life, telling us about his games and about how he fell in love with Annie Cresta
  • A book with The Second Quarter Quell, telling us Haymitch’s story, telling us how the Capitol exterminated his family after his acts on the arena

that’s all i need

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all i need no but honestly i need the books from effie's POV